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"Perhaps the most deceptively stressful event is moving. At its best, it is a pain between damage, vetting and trusting the movers as well as placing all your old stuff in your new place. Enter Juan Carlos. Your first thought is: why is this guy smiling so much.
You will learn smiling is not a façade. He is patient, organized and has done this many times for tons of discerning people. He will know the movers, know how to plan your move and even have better suggestions as to where all that stuff goes
Moving will still be tough, but way better with Juan. He will be your best friend during this process and probably thereafter. Great resource"

— Steve Sheinkopf - CEO, Yale Appliance + Lighting

I sold my place a few months back and before I knew it, it was time to move.   I was more than a bit overwhelmed with everything that needed to get done, especially within a rather tight timeframe.  I was certain there must be someone out there who offered a service to help with or manage a move, but didn't know where to look.  I posted the question to a neighborhood online chat board and quickly received a number of responses, several which recommended I check out Juan Carlos.  From what people were telling me this seemed a good idea, so I reached out to Juan and we quickly connected.

Juan was confident, pleasant, and had all the answers.....even to questions I hadn't realized I'd be facing during my move.  His rates were reasonable, and once I signed him up, Juan quickly went to work while I stepped back and stopped worrying about things.  Juan worked around my schedule and brought in movers (with quotes) for me to interview, secured permits from the city for the truck on moving day, scheduled the move and was onsite while the movers packed up all my belongings and moved them into storage, arranged for items I was donating to charity to be picked up, and took care of disposing quite a bit of junk I no longer needed.  All I had to do was head out for a long walk to meet friends for lunch, and return later in the day to find everything done and Juan wrapping things up, big smile on his face.  And, he's known for that smile.

Simply put, if you have a project on your hands and need any level of assistance, I highly recommend you reach out to Juan Carlos.”

— Kevin McElroy - Boston Ma

“Juan Carlos has an eye for design; paired with a fine tuned ability to deeply listen and understand the concepts and themes of his clients. The décor Juan put together for our client was a perfect fit and the couple could not have been happier.  He was very personable, friendly, and accessible which really ensured that the evening would go off without a hitch!”

— The Lenox Hotel - Boston Ma

"Hiring Juan Carlos to organize and supervise our recent move was by far one of the best decisions that we could have made . We have moved many times and at many stages in our life from the days of hiring a uhaul and asking friends to help and eventually moving on in our lives to hiring professionals who claim that they do everything . All of those experiences were extremely stressful and and involved our constant involvement and oversight which was accompanied by major arguments.

Juan Carlos' service is like moving on Valium , he removes all the stress from the process and really does handle every single detail . You can literally go on vacation and come back to your new home and find everything in its place . He even handled changing all them utilities including cable and telephone . I went to work from our old house and returned to the new place, sat down turned the cable news on without any interruption in our lives .

During the move he was texting me photographs of the movers loading our things onto the trucks and bringing them into our new place . What you might spend on his services is less than the cost of a marriage counselor that you need arguing with your significant other about how to pack and move . This was our first ever stress free move . Next time we move Juan Carlos will be in charge for sure."

— David and Jacques - Boston

“JCC helped us with a move across town as we were just too busy to handle all the logistics involved with two different large buildings. Juan Carlos saved us money by locating a very reasonable moving company and the money we saved basically paid for his services. He is punctual, organized, and knows what he's doing. In addition, he is very prudent with his billable hours and uses his time (and your money) efficiently! We plan to use his services again when we have projects requiring an extra set of hands. While our job was on the smaller side, it is evident that Juan Carlos' skills make him a sure bet for larger projects as well!"

— Peter & Wayne - Boston

"We had an amazing celebration for Matt's birthday. The best part was that practically all we had to do was show up for the event and enjoy spending time with our guests, knowing Carlos took care of all the details. He was great at reading the situation. He asked for input when required, but was also willing to make a decision on his own, knowing what we ultimately wanted from the experience. He has impeccable taste, and we trust his judgement 100%."

— Matt - Boston

"Juan Carlos was a blessing for Strong Women, Strong Girls when we found ourselves short-staffed right before a big office move. After hearing great things about his services, we hired him to help manage all the nuts and bolts of our move. He helped coordinated everything from being in touch with both landlords, managing the moving company, setting-up utilities, donating items to charities, shredding old files, updating our address, setting up a new office layout, and overseeing volunteer packers. Throughout, Juan Carlos was reliable, good-natured, and had a sense of humor. He went above and beyond with little details like bringing scones to the office and sending us photos to welcome us "home" after the new office had been arranged. Thanks to his efforts, we were able to get our nonprofit programs in the fall off the ground at the same time we moved spaces. We showed up on Monday morning in a functional office where we were able to get to work right away. 

I would highly recommend him for anyone else who needs someone who can hit the ground running quickly and manage the complexities of a big project."

— Boston 

"Everyone loves a party, but few people like to plan one. Too many details. For my "epic" birthday party I didn't even have to find a special event planner because Carlos does that, too. In addition to organizing a renovation of my bathroom and coordinating furniture delivery for my dining room, he did everything for my party. He picked out a fantastic spot, handled parking, hired a great caterer and made my party a special night for me and 50 of my best friends and family members. With no fuss for me."

 — Barbara, Investor - Boston 

"I have worked with J C Consulting since I moved back to Boston and was arranging for my condo purchase and upcoming move. I mentioned, or rather lamented to a friend, that I needed help managing all of the details while working full time at a very intense job. She mentioned this amazing service that helped her manage through a renovation. I called, and it's been a match ever since. From handling all the pre-move details - including vetting movers and calling all the utilities - through manning moving day oversight and carrying plants to the new place - through all the unpacking... No activity was too small or too large for Carlos. I had to leave for a two week European trip a day after the move...and my request was "make these boxes disappear" while I was gone. I came back...and all the boxes were unpacked and contents organized in the cabinets, and they are exactly the same today 2 years later! And if I thought I was "done" with JCC services after the move, I was wrong! I have a long standing relationship with JCC for a variety of services all year long. And now we're back again with another move and a renovation project - all organized by JCC! I wouldn't trust anyone else with the keys to my house and such access to my life. It is both highly effective and an extreme pleasure to have Carlos as my professional guru and friend."

— Ann - North End, Boston

"Juan Carlos Consulting deserves the highest recommendation! I have experienced only seamlessly perfect service that keeps my mind at ease, from the smallest tasks to large projects, and even a home emergency. I am so grateful to be able to count on JCC."

— Meredythe - South End, Boston

"Picture the daunting task of finding a mover you can trust with your life's belongings.... driving yourself and your two dogs from Boston to San Francisco...literally across the country. Now picture having to figure out the timing with the packers, the movers, your end of a lease and beginning of a new one, finding a new place and cleansing everything out of the old one.... Determining the best route for this long haul, pre-planned stopping points with stops to see friends and family you're leaving behind, fun sites highlighted, and availability of dog friendly hotels. It's stressful to move in and of itself, but across the country with your furry kids, expenses to manage, and deadlines to meet made this a situation I didn't want to face. All that stress was taken away by the amazing Juan Carlos.... He planned the perfect trip for us including several moving company options who he met in person to interview, four route options with suggested sites highlighted along the way, and amazing hotels pre-booked on our behalf. He chose cool things to see and amazing hotels where the dogs were welcomed like guests of honor. He did all of this on a budget, and did so well, he wanted to come along for the ride. The timing worked out perfectly, furniture arriving only one day after me despite the ten day leisurely - and perfectly planned trip to see our nation! I was able to relax and focus on my new job and recruiting a friend to make the drive with me! Juan, you made my life easier and eased my mind by completing something I could not have done on my own. I wish you would have come with me and managed the rest of my life in this new city!"

— Kate - Boston & San Francisco

"We have worked with JC Consulting since day one, and our expectations have been exceeded every single time. From sourcing and managing the process with top quality contractors, to organizing emergency repair men, to personally loading and driving a U-Haul across the state late at night, Juan Carlos has done it all. When our cabinet hardware was delayed, instead of just telling us to wait longer, as many would, Juan Carlos scoured the city and found the same hardware elsewhere – all without ever telling us there was a potential problem. He just took care of it.
No matter the project Juan Carlos will deliver. He has an extremely creative eye, is a good listener, and is a problem solver. To say he is hands-on and cares about his clients is an understatement. He treats his clients like family and for us, he has become like family. Working with Juan Carlos gives us peace of mind and we recommend his services to everyone that will listen."

— Tyson and Alex - Boston

"Juan Carlos has been invaluable to my wife and I for a wide range of tasks. We initially found him when we were settling into a new home and scheduling various deliveries and workmen simply became too overwhelming for us to handle. Juan Carlos stepped up and handled everything creating both free time and peace of mind for us. Since settling into our home, we have continued to use Juan Carlos for everything from checking on our house while we are out of town to accepting furniture deliveries to overseeing construction projects. Juan Carlos is extremely diligent and trustworthy and we feel very comfortable having him oversee projects at our house while we are gone. He is also very responsive and was a lifesaver for us on very short notice when our basement flooded and he oversaw an extensive remediation project while we were away. We plan to use Juan Carlos to help simplify our lives for a long time to come!"

— Beacon Hill, Boston 

"JC is incredibly valuable to work with -- he saves me time at a fair price. He is smart, creative, efficient and strategic in how approaches any project we have worked on. We wanted to set up a snow removal program for our home. Initially I contacted a few vendors and either received no response or crazy pricing for the service irrespective of whether or not it snowed! After growing frustrated and annoyed, I handed over the project to JC. He came back with two options that were thoughtful and reasonably priced. We chose one together and the service delivered by his vendor was flawless during the winter months. JC is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him!"

— South End, Boston

"Carlos has made a tremendous difference in or quality of life. My partner and I both work full time and having someone available that is reliable, responsive and kind makes all the difference. He's proactive, takes initiative and fun to work with! We consider him just as much a friend as we do someone who is available to help us with any task no matter how random/big or small! He's extremely professional, considerate and easy to work with."

— Cal - South End, Boston


"Juan Carlos is a terrific person to have in your corner - from finding plumbers and painters, to assisting with getting storage areas cleaned out and donated, to solving pesky electrical problems - Juan Carlos does it all. If he doesn't know the solution to my problem right away, he does the research to make sure the right thing happens. And always on time with a smile - he has made living in the Boston even better than it already was."

— Georgia - South End, Boston

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